West Virginia Police Records

West Virginia is a beautiful, green and mountainous state, but there are crime reports and police records that have to be dealt with. To access West Virginia public police records you must first complete a form according to which records you need. If you’re looking for background information about a person, you should complete the West Virginia Background Check Request for and mail it with a money order or certified check for $20 (payable to the West Virginia State Police) and send it to the following contact:

West Virginia State Police
Criminal Investigation Reports
725 Jefferson Rd.
South Charleston, West Virginia 25309
Phone: (304) 746-2178

West Virginia Police Reports

First Name
Last Name

Expect a wait until you receive a response. Sometimes it may be delivered in a few days and others a few weeks. Accessing records is important in today’s world because it provides a snapshot view of a person’s past and lets you know if they’re worthy of entering your life or the lives of those you love.

Police Records West Virginia

Online search sites are now available if you don’t want to go through the red tape of the states’ rules and regulations. It only takes a minute to submit some pertinent data about the individual (such as full name, birth date, social security number and other data) and a few minutes to receive a response sent directly to your private email address. The information tends to be much more reliable than reports you may receive from a state-based search because these sites have many more resources. Fast and far-reaching databases and search engines can make quick work of volumes of data and you’ll receive a report based on data that is cross-referenced in other states and from other resources than the state has. If you want to make a decision about a person in your life, you’ll want to be sure of its accuracy and timeliness. Many professionals use these online search sites on a daily basis, but now, it’s becoming popular for private citizens to use the sites to check out people who may be new in their lives or in the lives of people they love. With social networking and dating sites becoming so popular, it’s inevitable that fraud and evil would occur. We see the headlines every day of those who have lost life savings or brought harm into their children’s lives. Now, we need to do everything we can to keep them out of harm’s way and keep our savings safe. One way is to utilize the services of an online search site. A private search site can quickly reveal West Virginia public police records. Simply click on the link below to find out more information.