South Dakota Police Records

Many states, including South Dakota, offer public police records as part of a way to let the public view certain records that might make a difference in letting the person in their lives or not. It might also help in determining the facts of a certain incident report logged by the police department. If you need to request a search through South Dakota public police records, you must first request and obtain a packet listing the steps that need to take place before receiving the record. You should follow all the instructions in the packet and mail it, along with a money order or certified check for $24 for the search fee to the following address:

South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation
Identification Section
1302 East Highway 14; Ste. 5
Pierre, South Dakota 57501
Phone: (605) 773-3331

South Dakota Police Reports

First Name
Last Name

You may receive information that includes a wealth of data about the individual, including past addresses and phone numbers, arrests or criminal incidents in other states. Marriages, divorces, children and even parents’ names may be included in the report. Many states, including South Dakota, may have privacy laws that prevent public records from containing such data that may fall under those laws. In that case, you may miss some pertinent information about a record that could help you make a decision about the person.

Police Records South Dakota

Another method that people are using extensively for searching public police records and other types of vital records is the service of a private, Internet search site. These sites are plentiful online and many private citizens are now using them to retrieve data on people in their lives. For example, it may be evident that someone isn’t telling the truth about his or her past, but you can’t be sure until you do some research yourself to find out the truth. You may want to get someone to take care of a loved one or to join you in your business. That scenario also requires that you find background information that substantiates the facts a person is telling you about his past. In past decades we either had to use the services of a private investigator to search a person’s past or ask friends and neighbors of the individual in question about the type of person he is. Now, we have the incredible advantages of all that the Internet has to offer. A powerful search engine can reveal valuable information within seconds of submitting a small amount of data about a person. Professional search sites know where to look and what to ask to receive accurate and timely data about a person and can deliver it to you within minutes of submission. Find out how a private search site can help you find South Dakota public police records by clicking on the link.