South Carolina Police Records

The State of South Carolina has one of the most troubling crime problems in the United States. Crime statistics from 2006 onwards will attest to this fact. With more than 100,000 diverse crimes reported every year, this State belongs to the top percentile rank when it comes to criminal activity. Do you need to access South Carolina Police Records? More importantly, it should be your top priority to get criminal background checks done properly and accurately in your specific area. The safety of family and business may depend on this.

You may choose to conduct your own Background Checks on your own instead of hiring a private investigator which is clearly costly and time consuming. Be glad that many options are available to you, nowadays. You won’t have to deal with at least half a dozen government departments just to get accurate data. The Sex Offender Registry or other court records are examples of agencies to go to. A few trusted online service providers may also be able to provide legal records and other confidential matters and statistics for a reasonable price of course.

South Carolina Police Reports

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The use of fingerprint based searches is highly reliable in obtaining records. It is one of the most trusted ways to conduct criminal records check. Conducting such a search will less likely result in false results. However, since obtaining fingerprints may not be feasible for all searchers, there is another alternative, and this is the name based searches. Since there are countless names commonly used like, John Smith, for example, it is possible to get the wrong records on just first and last name basis.

Resources of various background check data and searches such as Police Reports, fire reports, burglary reports, accident reports, domestic violence reports, theft reports, fraud reports, shoplifting, DUI, OWI, arson, vandalism, stalking, abuse, assault and other such reports are obtainable through their respective government agencies and some online sources have complete and true records kept in databases. Police reports are filed for many reasons, arrests, domestic disputes, traffic are such cases. These are the real sources of data for their corresponding categories. Records kept here are filed as they happen, when they happen. Detailed reports from professionals like police, lawyers, social workers, fire men, administrators, and credible witnesses are the prime authors of such records.  As such, they are kept in archives and cross referenced with other relevant sources for future use.

Police Records South Carolina

In any case or legal proceedings, a police report holds a very high degree of significance The police report is typically the one of the most important documents of evidence in any complaint. Included in this written record are the statements and testimonials made by the individual(s) who filed the complaint and the police officer’s thoughts, observations, opinions and important detailed statements made by other individuals involved in the situation.

Selected sources of Free Public Police Records are available to the public. This detailed record is a critical starting point as far as the courts are concerned. Verification of any statements made and observations of behavior, witnesses and other important impressions the police officer may have recorded and noted are every bit as important as any other evidence presented in any court. However, free records are not complete and most confidential matters are kept from the public on a strictly need to know basis.