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Peace of mind can be empowering – especially if you’re faced with difficult decisions to make. Police Reports can reveal information about people or incidents that can either relieve your mind or alert you with a red flag that something is wrong. If you or someone you know was involved in an accident, threat or other personal incident, you can search through Public Police Reports to find all the information you need for a court case or to make a correct personal decision.

Search results may include:

– Nationwide Criminal Check
– State Criminal Records
– Criminal Driving Violations
– Arrest and Convictions
– Probation Information
– Distinguishing Bodily Marks
– Height, Weight and Hair Color
– Known Aliases

– Sex Offender Check
– Felonies and Misdemeanors
– Federal Criminal Records
– Mugshots When Available
– Age/Date of Birth
– Address Information
– Offense Information
– Amount Paid in Fines

Just a few of the records that can be discovered in a search through Police Reports are DUI records, warrants for arrests, sex offenses, known aliases, current and previous addresses, lien records and legal judgments. You can find much more information – and you can see how important this data could be.

Records of crimes aren’t the only information you’ll find in Public Police Reports – address history, birth and death records can also be revealed. Some states offer copies of Police Reports through the mail – and, for a charge. Professional online search sites offer the same information, compiled in an easy-to-read report. All you need is some simple information such as the name of the person and/or the city and state you want to search.

The advantages of getting a professional online search rather than searching through free sites on your own are many. One of the most important reasons to use a professional search site is the time factor. Searching through Public Police Reports on your own can be a time-consuming process and you can easily get mired in the sheer volume of information contained in the reports.

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Another reason to prefer a professional search site is that a novice might miss certain information that could be crucial to a legal case or simply in making a correct decision about a person. A professional knows how to pick out the data that could be important to you and present it in a way that you can understand.

Since Police Reports can also contain information about affairs that are within the law, a professional searcher can access that data and present it to you to determine its value. For example, the issuance of a firearms permit may not seem like a big deal – but if you have reason to be afraid of or suspect a person, that information could save your life.

Police Records naturally contain a wide range of information about an incident and deciphering it can be a nightmare. Police “jargon” is sometimes used, causing a novice searcher to miss information that could be critical or to misunderstand that information. Public Police Reports contain all the details which may or may not be information you need and want.

Do yourself a favor and use a professional online search site to access Police Reports and put your mind at ease about a person or an incident that you have serious questions about.