Pennsylvania Police Records

At some point in almost everyone’s lives, it may become necessary to check public police records to get a background report on an incident that happened or some background information on a person in your life. Checking out public police records is possible thanks to the Freedom of Information Act that was passed a few years ago. Still, not every detail of public police records may be revealed because of privacy laws that some states have about who may or may not see files. Pennsylvania police records are maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You must complete a request form and send it – along with a search fee of $10 – to the following address:

Pennsylvania State Police
Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository – 164
1800 Elmerton Ave.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110
Phone: (717) 425-5546

Pennsylvania Police Reports

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You’ll need to be very precise with the information you provide on the request form to ensure the accuracy of the report. Be aware that you may have to provide personal information to the state in order to ensure the accuracy of the report. This might include a government-issued identification document with a photo. You may also have to state the purpose for wanting to view the police records. It may take awhile to receive the results of the request by mail – especially if there have been an overwhelming amount of requests at the time.

If you need an immediate report or need the report to be as accurate and up-do-date as possible you may want to consider an online, private Internet service. These sites have become very popular lately because of the Internet’s ability to search through vast volumes of data in an extremely short amount of time. In today’s world, it’s become imperative that we know as much as possible about a person before allowing them in our own lives, near our children or our loved ones. The nature of our transient society makes it easy for people to lie about their pasts and put themselves in a position that might cause harm. To protect ourselves and those close to us, using a private Internet search site can mean the difference between making an educated decision and one based solely on what a person tells you.

Police Records Pennsylvania

Private Internet search sites use the most sophisticated and powerful databases and search engines available today, while a state-based search may not have the same advantages. You’ll also receive a full report that’s understandable and up-to-date. Online sites can even cross reference information located in other states in order to provide you with incidents that may have happened outside the state of Pennsylvania.

Take some time to see how a private, Internet search site can help you find Pennsylvania public police records by clicking on the link.