Oklahoma Police Records

You can be rest assured that you have the public right to access and review government records as established under the Oklahoma Open Records Act. Substantially, it is within the coverage of criminal history record information or a “RAP Sheet” (Record of Arrest and Prosecution) if you are acquiring an Oklahoma Police Records.  Where in order to get a person searched, the person’s complete name and date of birth must at least be provided.

Although it’s under the power of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) to hold and furnish criminal history info copies that consist of arrests and/or conviction data for serious misdemeanors and felonies from within the OK state alone, there will be separate searches done for both sex offender and violent offender which is held at the Department of Corrections, thereby separate fees also apply per kind of search.  In case all the searches are a requirement, it must be specified on the OSBI request form, most specifically for those interacting with children or in the nursing program wherein sex offender and violent offender searches are typically mandatory.

Oklahoma Police Reports

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Police Records Oklahoma

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