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Think about how valuable information from New York Police Records could be to you. If you need any relevant data about lawsuits, research information, or simply any record for your own, personal reasons – evidence contained in these Police Reports could be the most important information you could gather. It could save your precious life, your booming business and your family reputation.

In the State of New York criminal records are not expunged. There is what is called “sealing.” Sealing essentially means that all fingerprints, palm prints, photographs, official records and papers are destroyed or given back to the defendant after the court proceedings. A record of a sealed arrest is saved in a confidential file at the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), and can only be accessed under special qualified circumstances. Under Criminal Procedure law 160.50(1) when a case is resolved in favour of a defendant, the record of the action must be sealed, unless the Court directs otherwise. The sealing of criminal records in New York keeps the criminal record from public records. The other category of sealing that occurs is with Violations and Traffic Infractions. In these circumstances, Division of Criminal Justice Services (“DCJS”), Police and prosecutors files are all sealed. The clear distinction here is that the court records are not sealed because the court needs to keep a record of these convictions.

New York Police Reports

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The quality standards set forth by an online public records report should be the top priority in your list of requirements in your documented police reports. A dependable police records search site will always offer information from numerous public offices and tap into proprietary and various legal private resources.  An updated database should be available to gain access to real statistics and data. Professional online search sites can assist you with your public police records queries and can provide you with a report that you can easily read and quickly decipher the details that you need for your personal reasons. Various states offer police records for free but the information you receive may be sketchy, incomplete and not compiled in a way that’s easy to understand.

Police Records New York

New York Police Records will always be your safety net when it comes to learning about important details regarding lawsuits, businesses partners, newly opened establishments, entrepreneurs, credit investors, or even hard to detect sex offenders. Unfortunately, some websites are difficult to navigate, owing to the redundant and old information they contain. Sorry to say, some websites are simply fakes, and they charge your credit card but do not provide access to any real and updated records in return. A safe method to access police records would be to pay for a small fee to a nationwide registry of police records. The invaluable peace of mind that you will be getting in return is most definitely worth the minimal payment.