New Hampshire Police Records

New Hampshire is a small, northeastern state, but one that isn’t short of crime. In New Hampshire, records are maintained by the Criminal Records Division of the Department of Safety’s State of Police Division. This repository is responsible for maintaining all criminal records that fall under the jurisdiction of the state. Since the Freedom of Information Act was passed, every state is required to offer some types of public information. But, states may also have rules and regulations to protect the privacy of their citizens. This may cause some extra work on your part to get everything to the state so they can perform the search for you. You can begin with a New Hampshire Background Check request form. When you’ve filled it out completely, have it notarized and send with a check or money order for $25 to the following address:

New Hampshire Dept of Public Safety
Division of State Police; Central Repository for Criminal Records
33 Hazen Dr.
Concord, New Hampshire 03305
Phone: (603) 271-2538

New Hampshire Police Reports

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Contact the above office if you have any questions about the procedure to look up public police records. Keep in mind that it may take a while to receive a police records report by mail. States’ offices are notoriously busy and overwhelmed with requests for record reports. Also keep in mind that you might be asked to provide government issued identification to prove you are who you claim to be and that you are entitled to see the police records of an individual.

Police Records New Hamsphire

If you don’t want to deal with the tedious and time-consuming rules and regulations of a state-based search, look into the services of an online search site. These private Internet sites can provide the information you need usually in a matter of minutes – and you can be sure that the data is accurate and up-to-date. Lawyers and other professionals, such as genealogists use private search sites on a daily basis to find information they need for a law case or to put together missing puzzle pieces of a family tree. The information you receive from one of these reports can be vital in finding data that you may not have ever known. Previous addresses, aliases, marriages and divorces are just a few of the details that might be covered in some public police record reports. The value of being able to find information on the Internet is huge. If you have a computer and access to the ‘net’ you no longer have to wait for days or weeks to receive a report about an individual in your life. Then, you can make an educated decision about anything which associates to your general security in the society where you are at. Click on the link to find out more about how a private search site can help you locate New Hampshire public police records.