Minnesota Police Records

Public records are usually kept on file by the federal government or a state or local agency. The recent Freedom of Information Act gives private citizens the right to search through public records for information that could help them make a decision such as to take a person or to allow them into their lives. Minnesota public police records may be searched for criminal history or information about an incident that occurred where the police were called. There may be a small fee involved for the processing of the search and it might become a lengthy process. There are also rules and regulations for Minnesota and other states that won’t let you access certain records that are deemed private, such as juvenile records and those that have been closed by the courts. You may request such a search through the local or county police department or contact the following office:

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
1430 Maryland Ave., East
St. Paul, Minnesota 55106
Phone: (651) 793-2400

Minnesota Police Reports

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You need to keep in mind that a state’s methods of collecting police records may not always be accurate since they only include incidents of crimes or events where the police were called. And, police reports only go as far as what the police observed and what was said at the scene. You may not get the full picture of the individual whom you want to check on with only public police records. How the police reports are recorded also varies from state to state.

Police Records Minnesota

Another way to access public police records to perform an accurate background check and to know the report is thorough is to use the services of an online search site. These sites are extremely popular with legal professionals and those who need information about people for their jobs – such as genealogists. A look through a state’s police records can provide information to solve a missing piece of a puzzle. If you’re thinking of taking someone as various reasons, you’ll want the most accurate and reliable information possible to make an educated decision. The only way you can be sure is to use a professional service that can search far and wide and ‘translate’ the police record information into an accurate report. Online search sites require very little information about the individual in question. After you submit the data and a reasonable fee for the search, the search engines and databases retrieve the information for you in a matter of minutes and you’ll see the report when it’s sent to your private email address. If no records are found, no fee is required. Many people have experienced fraud – or worse – by failing to check out a person’s background and letting them into their lives because they “seemed nice or trustworthy.” Today, you can’t be sure unless you do the research yourself. Click on the link to discover more about how a search site can help you retrieve Minnesota public police records.