Maine Police Records

Some public records are now available to private citizens, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Since crime rates are soaring, it becomes imperative that we take advantage of that fairly new law and check on the backgrounds of those who have entered our lives or the lives of loved ones to be sure they’re telling the truth about the past. Maine public police records can be found through the State Bureau of Identification of the Maine State Police agency. But, even though the state maintains accurate records, there may be rules and regulations regarding privacy of the individual in question. So, you may not get as complete a record as possible. You’ll need to supply the person’s full name and date of birth and, if possible, fingerprints. Send the request or make an inquiry at the following address:

Maine State Police
State Bureau of Identification
45 Commerce Dr.; Ste. 1
Augusta, Maine 04333
Phone: (207) 624-7240

Maine Police Reports

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Most police record and background checks are performed because a person wants to check out the past of a another person or because a lawyer needs accurate background information for a client or case. These professionals usually use the services of an online search site rather than requesting a search through the state. The reason is that a private search can reveal much more information because they have no restrictions on what they report as do the states. These professional sites use the power of far-reaching databases and sophisticated search engines to look for records and can likely provide a report to you within minutes of submitting a small amount of information.

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Today, it’s impossible to take the word of anyone about their past unless it’s someone you’ve known all his or her life or a family member. Even then, there may be some aspects that have been hidden from you. It’s important that you receive accurate and timely information for your search no matter what the reason. You won’t be able to make an educated decision unless you have that data. Public police records are sometimes accessed because a person may need to know more about an incident that happened where police were called. This data may be helpful if you’re involved in a lawsuit and need to prove what happened during the event. A police report is issued from the police person who came to the scene of the incident or was responsible for the recording of an event. Don’t take a chance that someone in your life may have a questionable past that could put you or your family in harm’s way. Check out a professional, online search site that can help you locate Maine public police records by clicking on the link.