Kansas Police Records

Rather than visiting a courthouse and searching through dusty files to find public police records, it’s now possible to use a couple of methods to give you the information you need. Kansas has followed the standards of the Freedom of Information Act, which lets private citizens request public records through a state agency. Some rules and restrictions may apply to what type of information is available, but much of the data is public. If you wish to request a background search through public police records, you may make the request through the following office:

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Attn: Criminal History Records Section
1620 Southwest Tyler
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Phone: (785) 296-6518

You may also send in a fingerprint search card if you have the fingerprints of the individual. There will be a $35 fee and the fingerprint card must be approved by a Kansas law enforcement agency. You should have the complete name of the person and his or her birth date, if possible. If you have more information, such as a social security number, be sure to include that too. This will ensure the accuracy of the data you receive in the report. You may need to make the request for information through a specific government agency, but the contact above should help you pinpoint that place. You should be able to find data about arrests, felonies, prosecutions and dispositions as well as incarceration information.

Kansas Police Reports

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Last Name

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Sometimes, getting information from a state agency can be time-consuming and tedious. If you want to bypass that hassle and receive a report that’s guaranteed to be accurate and timely, check in to one of the many online search sites available. You’ll receive a full report usually within moments of submitting a small amount of information about the individual in question. Now that we live in such a transient society and crime is on the rise all across the country, it’s become imperative that we search the background of those near us or those we love. People who use dating sites are especially vulnerable to those who would do harm or commit fraud. It’s become part of the dating world to check out people before meeting them or getting to know them better and let them have access to your life. You may want to check the background of someone in your life for the general security of the general public Kansas. It’s horrible to think that a person might want to cause harm, but it happens every day. To be sure you’re protected, use an online search site to find background information about a person or persons before letting them in your life. Check on the link to find out how an online search site can help you find Kansas public police records.