Iowa Police Records

Some Iowa public police records can be accessed, but others may be off limits because of rules and regulations governing the privacy of individuals. Even though the Freedom of Information Act opened police records to the public, there are instances – such as juvenile and medical reports – that are off limits. If you’d like to make a request to search through public police records in Iowa, you should first complete an Iowa Background Check Request Form, including the person’s full name, social security number and birth date, to ensure the accuracy of the search. You’ll also need to include a $13 search fee with the form and mail it to:

Iowa Dept. of Public Safety
Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
215 E. 7th St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Phone: (515) 725-6066

Iowa Police Reports

First Name
Last Name

The information you receive should include all the details of prior arrests, convictions and other pertinent information such as addresses, phone numbers, aliases, marriages, divorces and children, if any. This can be vital data in knowing if the person has been in trouble with the law and if he or she is telling the truth about other aspects of his life. If there has been an incident where police were called, you’ll receive the details of that event also.

Police Records Iowa

You might also want to choose an Internet search site to find the data you need. The information from these professional sites tends to be more accurate and up-to-date than a state-based search and if no record is found, you pay nothing. Plus, your credit card and other data are encrypted, so it remains private and no one will know you requested the search. These days, people are making it their business to look up the backgrounds on people who may enter their lives. Our society is so transient that we can’t be sure what a person is telling us is the truth or if he or she is attempting to defraud us by lying about the past. Individuals have long used background checks for anybody, but since the advent of the Internet and meeting people from all over the world, it’s more important than ever to check backgrounds before we let people into our lives. You may also be trying to find out more about an incident that happened where the police were called. This is good information to have if you’re fighting a lawsuit or simply want to know the details of an event. Anyone can use the private, online search sites. Simply enter some basic information about the person and you’ll likely receive a report within minutes. Then, you can make a decision about the person in question and feel good about the decision. Click on the link now to find out how an online search site can help you find Iowa public police records.