Guam Police Records

You can gain a lot of knowledge about a person’s past by accessing public police records. You’ll know if a person is a registered sex offender, has been convicted of fraud or committed felonies. If you know a person who has lived on the Pacific island of Guam, you may access Guam public police records by following a few instructions. To make a request by mail, you may contact the following department on Guam:

Guam Police Department
Bldg. 233 Central Ave.
Tiyan, Guam 96912
Phone: (671) 472-8911

Guam Police Reports

First Name
Last Name

There may be a fee of $18 for processing and it’s payable by certified check or money order. The information contained in the search report may include records associated with arrests and other issues that are solved at police stations such as naturalization issues and other background data. Keep in mind that it may take a few days or even weeks to receive a response by mail.

Police Records Guam

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