District of Columbia Police Records

You may be able to access District of Columbia public police records within your particular area’s municipality or court. There are many rules and regulations regarding how much and what type of information you’re allowed to access, but there are certain records you may obtain. It may be fairly easy to see records of birth, death, marriages and divorces and some types of criminal records. Some records are only obtainable if you’re a parent or guardian of a juvenile or the actual person or spouse. You’ll need photo identification to receive the record. If you aren’t connected with the person in any way, you’ll need to pay $3 and complete several forms indicating some data about the particular offense. Submit your request and the fee (check or money order) to the following address:

Henry J. Daly Bldg.
MPDC Headquarters
300 Indiana Ave., N.W.
Room 3075
Washington, D.C. 20001
Phone: (202) 727-4218

Anyone can make a request for a public police record, but you need to state a reason for wanting the record. If you’re a relative or have a vested interest in the person who’s the subject of the request you may be allowed more access of District of Columbia public police records. You will have to prove your relationship to the person by certified documents. The information you receive is vital to finding out about a person’s past. You may get data such as criminal records, marriages, divorces, children, addresses, phone numbers and more as a result of your request.

District of Columbia Police Reports

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Police Records District of Columbia

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