Delaware Police Records

Delaware is a very small state, but with numerous police records. By searching through Delaware public police records you may find information about a person in your life that hasn’t been disclosed but is important to your future relationship. You can request background records by mail from the following address:

Delaware Dept. of Corrections
Community Relations Office
245 McKee Rd.
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 857-5246

You may find there is a sex offender in your neighborhood or that the new coach for your child’s soccer team is a child molester. The data you can retrieve from one of these searches is invaluable to the safety of you and your family. A search through the state for Delaware public police records may cost $45, payable by cash, credit card or money order. You will also need to supply copies of photo government identification. Please provide as much information about the individual as you can in the request. Be prepared to wait for days or even weeks for a reply since requests for public records are at an all time high.

Delaware Police Reports

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Local residents have been requesting background records for decades, but only recently private citizens have realized the need to search a person’s past for more information. In the past and before the advent of the Internet, we had no choice but to ask neighbors and family members for information about a person in question – or to hire a private investigator. That became costly very rapidly, so most people couldn’t afford to hire them to locate someone or to hunt for background information. Now, the Internet can access many records that were closed to us for a long time. Powerful and sophisticated search engines and databases are designed to plow through volumes of records within seconds and can be tremendously accurate with very little information. Today’s transient society almost dictates that we check people out by performing records’ checks before we let them near ourselves or our families and loved ones.

Police Records Delaware

Many people have saved themselves and their businesses from being defrauded by someone who set himself up as an expert in financial or business dealings. Access to the Internet and a computer is all you need to perform a search. The search sites require very little information to conduct a search, but the more data you can provide, the more accurate the report will be. Most professionals prefer using the Internet to conduct searches about people – mainly because of the rapidity of the search. Accuracy is also important when conducting records’ searches and the Internet tends to be much more accurate than requesting a state-based search through the mail. Click on the link now to discover how an Internet search site can help you conduct a Delaware public police records search on someone in your life.